Daftar episode iCarly

iCarly merupakan sebuah sitkom Amerika remaja yang ditayangkan oleh Nickelodeon. Sitkom ini pertama kali ditayangkan pada 8 September 2007 hingga 23 November 2012. Sitkom ini menceritakan tentang seorang remaja bernama Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) yang membuat sebuah acara web bernama iCarly bersama teman-temannya, Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) dan Freddie Benson, dan dibantu Gibby Gibson, dan Spencer Shay. iCarly dibuat oleh Dan Schneider, yang juga berlaku sebagai produser eksekutif. acaranya direkam di Nickelodeon on Sunset (season 1-5), dan di studio KTLA (season 6) di Hollywood, California. iCarly juga ditayangkan di beberapa negara seperti Kanada, Inggris dan lain - lain. Penggemar iCarly kebanyakan adalah dewasa.

Rincian episode

Musim Episode Tanggal penayangan Lini produksi Rilis DVD
Penayangan awal Penayangan akhir
1 25 8 September 2007 25 Juli 2008 1xx 23 September 2008 (Volume 1)[1]
April 21, 2009 (Volume 2)[2]
2 25 27 September 2008 2009 2xx 18 Agustus 2009 (Volume 1)[3]
January 4, 2011 (Volume 2)[4]
April 5, 2011 (Volume 3)[5]
3 20 12 September 2009 26 Juni 2010
4 13 30 Juli 2010 11 Juni 2011 3xx 30 Agustus 2011 (Musim 3)[6]
5 11 13 Agustus 2011 21 Januari 2012 4xx 10 Juli 2012 (Musim 4)[7]
6 6 24 Maret 2012 9 Juni 2012 5xx TBA
7 9 6 Oktober 2012 23 November 2012 TBA

Daftar episode

Musim 1 (2007-08)

Seri# Bad# Judul
1 1 "iPilot"
2 2 "iWant More Viewers"
3 3 "iDream of Dance"
4 4 "iLike Jake"
5 5 "iWanna Stay whit Spencer"
6 6 "iNevel"
7 7 "iScream on Halloween"
8 8 "iSpy a Mean Teacher"
9 9 "iWill Date Freddie"
10 10 "iWant a World Record
11 11 "iRue the day"
12 12 "iPromise Not to tell"
13 13 "iAm Your Biggest Fan"
14 14 "iHeart Art"
15 15 "iHate Sam's boyfriend"
16 16 "iHate Chicks"
17 17 "iDon't Want to Fight"
18 18 "iPromote Techfoots"
19 19 "iGot Detention"
20 20 "iStakeout"
21 21 "iMights Switch Schools"
22 22 "iFence"
23 23 "iCarly Saves TV"
24 24 "iWin a Date"
25 25 "iHave a Lovesick Teacher"

Musim 2 (2008-09)

Seri# Bad# Judul
26 1 "iSaw him First"
27 2 "iStage an Intervention"
28 3 "iOwe You"
29 4 "iHurt Lewbert"
30-32 5-7 "iGot to Japan"
33 8 "iPie"
34 9 "iChristmas"
35 10 "iKiss"
36 11 "iGive Away a Car"
37 12 "iRocked the Vote"
38 13 "iMeet Fred"
39 14 "iLooke Alike"
40 15 "iWant My Website back"
41 16 "iMake Sam Girlier"
42 17 "iGo Nuclear"
43-44 18-19 "iDate a Bad Boy"
45 20 "iReunite with Missy"
46 21 "iTake on Dingo"
47 22 "iMust Have Locker 239"
48 23 "iTwins"
49-50 24-25 "iFight Shelby Marx"

Musim 3 (2009-10)

Seri# Bad# Judul
51 1 "iThink They Kissed"
52 2 "iCook"
53 3 "iSpeed Date"
54 4 "iCarly Awards"
55 5 "iHave My Principals"
56 6 "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love"
57 7 "iMove Out"
58-59 8-9 "iQuit iCarly"
60 10 "iSaved Your Life"
61 11 "iWas a Pageant Girl"
62 12 "iEnrage Gibby"
63 13 "iSpace Out"
64 14 "iFix a Pop Star"
65 15 "iBloop"
66 16 "iWon't Cancel the Show"
67 17 "iBelieve in Bigfoot"
68-69 18-19 "iPsycho"
70 20 "iBeat the Heat"

Musim 4 (2010-11)

Seri# Bad# Judul
71 1 "iGot a hot room"
72 2 "iSam's Mom"
73 3 "iGet Pranky"
74 4 "iSell Penny Tees"
75 5 "iDo"
76-77 6-7 "iStart a Fan War"
78 8 "iHire an Idiot"
79 9 "iPity the Nevel"
80 10 "iOMG"
81-83 11-13 "iParty with Victorious"

Musim 5 (2011-12)

Seri# Bad# Judul
84 1 "iLost My Mind"
85 2 "iDate Sam & Freddie"
86 3 "iCan't Take It"
87 4 "iLove You"
88 5 "iQ"
89 6 "iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo"
90-91 7-8 "iStill Psycho"
92 9 "iBalls"
93 10 "iMeet the First Lady"
94 11 "iToe Fat Cakes"

Musim 6 (2012)

Seri# Bad# Judul
95 1 "iApril Fools"
96 2 "iGo One Direction"
97 3 "iOpen a Restaurant"
98 4 "iHalfoween"
99 5 "iPear Store"
100 6 "iBattle Chip"

Musim 7 (2012)

Seri# Bad# Judul
101-102 1-2 "iShock America"
103 3 "iGet Banned"
104 4 "iFind Spencer's Friends"
105 5 "iRescue Carly"
106 6 "iLost My Head in Vegas"
107 7 "iBust a Thief"
108-109 8-9 "iGoodbye"


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