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In the world of graphic design, the type of font used can directly influence how someone perceives what you want to convey, be it a message or what you want to sell, such as a product.

That's why it's so important to choose carefully, not only the type of font, but also the combination with graphics and images, and colors, especially if you are going to use it to promote a brand. Choosing the right typography according to the product or campaign you are designing for has an emotional impact.

It helps to hold the audience's attention as it communicates directly and motivates the audience to make decisions based on what they see. In fact, typography is so influential that many of the world's largest companies invest, as part of their market research, in in-depth studies of the fonts they can use in their campaigns, to always choose the most effective models.

Therefore, I invite you to continue reading this article, so you can find out what types of fonts are most used by designers when developing a visual identity for a brand.

1.San Serif

This type of typography has always been a trend in graphic design. The shape is modern and sophisticated at the same time and this allows the designer of a better space to be creative.

It is mostly used for what is known in the design world as clean work, which is nothing more than covering various elements to come up with a certain approach in the job that is being designed. In addition, it is broken down into several font types, such as Roboto, Open Sans, and Montserrat.

2. Brutalisme

This typeface is a strong trend of our time. Designers often use it to create non-traditional campaigns. They usually take risks on the design of posters, personal portfolios, or websites of public figures. Of these typefaces, there are several styles and are characterized by imperfections and a focus that is more conceptual than technically correct. It's an interesting tool to work with, especially in a modern design.

3. Helvetica

One of the most used typography fonts by designers is Helvetica. It's true that those who use it the most have fewer digital resources for design, but even the most professional use it.

Easily visible to the target audience, therefore this is a must-have option depending on the project you are working on.

4. Garamond

This is another typography classic that every graphic designer should know about. It was created over 30 years ago and its sleek design makes it ideal for designing websites, books and magazines.

Like the Helvetica typeface, it is considered one of the most popular graphic design fonts in the world.
5. Trajan

Inspired by classic Romanesque typefaces, this type of typography is very elegant and is one that is commonly used for Hollywood movie poster designs.

It has a lot of symbolism in the world of design and is associated with legal matters, for example law firms or social events such as elegant weddings.

6. Futura

This type of font is one of the most used by designers in creating logos, slogans for companies or products and even for company brands.

Its design base is ideal for creating geometric creations, which is why it is considered one of the essentials for every designer.
7. Bickham script pro

It is a unique typeface, characterized primarily by its elegance and its usefulness for the production of printed materials, primarily because its style makes the writing highly legible and at the same time gives it a touch of elegance.

8. Bodoni

Another of the most famous and common fonts to recognize is Bodoni. Many designers use it to create logos and it is mainly used in the fashion industry because of the combination of thick and thin lines which makes it look aesthetically pleasing.

Like the Futura typeface, this one also plays with geometric shapes which add an additional charm to the design.

9. Gotham

We are now entering a completely modern typeface. In fact, made in the early 2000s, the style makes the design look very professional and clean.

An example of using this type of typography is the poster used during Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.


It is a font that is widely used in the elaboration of small, horizontal and geometric designs.

It can be said to have a touch of luxury which makes it an ideal alternative to meet the many demands of graphic designers.


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